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Taste of Aspen 🌈

Taste Of Aspen The sun is out @ TYM with more requests for our sexy taste of sunshine ASPEN Martin! Check and double check It’s a special part of my job as your web-mistress to bring Aspen into The LIGHT! The Aspen Request Line is Open!     JOIN This Years Model     © 2017 This Years Model. All rights reserved.  


Requests for the Obsessed 💌

Requests for the Obsessed Its ‘ASK and you MAY receive’ month! Yes, it is time I play my special model playlist and post a few of the galleries that fell through my fingers like silky panties in my underwear drawer. Well, these are like the panties that I left hanging on the sides! Yes, I know I have postponed some requests too long…but a promise forgotten is a still a promise… a promise for more MELODY, more DARIEN, TRINITY, BONNIE and (of course) more ASPEN! And what’s that you say?… what else ya got? I have new model to show...



APRIL is Still DRIPPING  All April we SHOWERED you with the undeniable beauty that you’ve come to KNOW and EXPECT from THIS YEARS MODEL. These might be the most talked about GALLERIES we have ever put out! Just in case you missed it: here are the highlights of the MONTH… Lets’ see….Michelle Jean did a shower video. It was always my fantasy to watch Michelle in the shower…now it will be yours too. Candy, our new model, actually peed her tights in the process of getting naked. Dolly Little did a ‘breakfast in bath’. Ashley Doll’s perfect body stayed beyond...


It’s CANDY Time 🍬

NEW MODEL: It’s CANDY Time Meet our NEW model: CANDY NICHOLE The perfect fit to our EXCLUSIVE sugar bowl of models. Wanna lick? Candy joins us for our GET WET for APRIL theme. She was so excited she just peed her tights Its always time for Candy.


The Hot Mess of April Showers

The Hot Mess of April Showers All of APRIL we will be showering you…… with BEAUTY and LOVE that is! Sass in the shower with Destiny. Dance with rainy delight with Aspen. Disrobe Caitlin and Trinity. UNRELEASED behind the scenes shows. Models do more than sing in the shower. And sparkling rain of models continues all month…..Michelle….Chloe….Mindy….Jewel….Trinity…I get wet just thinking about them 😉 – Amy (Bath water sold in our gift shop) Showering Together Since 2016


The RETURN of Caitlin McSwain

THE RETURN of Caitlin McSwain Welcome back Caitlin! This Texan beauty came back to model for us because YOU requested it. And because you ask: you get. The system works…. :/ Well… ok… the system doesn’t work but TYM does! Playboy beat us to the punch by publishing this sweetheart first but who will love her when they are done? Darlin’ we are not letting you out of our site. (Git it? A pun!) Thinking Playboy has Sucked Since 1985