Lost & Found: Aislin

This Years Model


Lost & Found: Aislin

Things are evolving at This Years Model. We have been looking under all kinds of skirts to find new models. Meet our new beautiful, bountiful model from Ukraine: Aislin. The poor girl, lost in the woods, luckily brought her camera to take some private pictures just so she could be a TYM girl. Ok… not really. :/ I flirted with her and let her be on the site just because I lust this girl’s body…. I’m allowed to do that (I’m a girl and its 2017)…and ok….Wow! What’s in the milk over there? Bonjour /Hello/ Ano Aislin 🙂 I am pleased to share you with my boys. – Amy xx

Real (wo)men shoot models not deer 


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