2018 Class of TYM 🎓

This Years Model

2018 Class of TYM

September is always School Girl month at TYM! Why? Well …cus they keep making em! So we keep shootin’ em! Girls turn 18 every year and need to go to college. Good girls get scholarships, bad girls come to TYM.

Let me take this moment to remind everyone that a lot of our models actually are or want to be SCHOOL GIRLS. And the LESSON …the school lesson…is that our work/ your donations have can school and undress many a model. School cost money! Modeling for TYM can pay for that! So YOUR support, your subscription, helps US with an important cause

So please support our NEW girls, Alicia, Kendra, Dare into a sweeter future…. and enjoy the beauty of their nakedness in the process. Class dismissed!

Come meet our new model ALICIA…answering questions on our FORUM.


Spanking The Asses of School Girls Since 2016


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