Its 2018! We are Legal 🍾

This Years Model


Its 2018! We are Legal

It’s 2018 and This Years Model is coming of age. In 2017, everything felt right …we did 127 updates of the best funnest nudest model material in the universe. We added the very real @Michelle to our admin team (not just a pretty face). We discovered new future models like Genna J, meet new prodigy photographers like CJ, and made a lot of new fan friends. I got to pansexually flirt with just about every continent on the globe… I saw a lot of cock pics…I squeezed some boobs; pinched some butts…and not just my own (like in lonely 2016). I am honoured to be the web mistress for TYM & I am happy no one pressed charges. Ya right… they should be so lucky. When I pinch; you smile!

It’s now 2018! Do you know what means? It means there is a whole new batch of girls who will turn 18. They will need my TYM model mistress love. 2018 will be the year we make contact 😉 So strap in (on?) we are just breaking stride. 2018! If its not FUN, its not TYM.


Your 2018 I Hate Holidays Cure (check out my cartoon butt)


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  1. Avatar Cleveland says:

    Happy New Year to all the models @tym. Thanks for everything, the pics, stories.

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