Model for Us: In Full Bloom 🌸

This Years Model


Model for Us: In Full Bloom

Its now spring officially and this announcement is just so perfect for my springtime theme!

A few months ago one of the models we booked for a TYM shoot FLAKED. I won’t name names… ok it was…*

EMILY BLOOM, friend of the site, and running cam model of the YEAR, was quick to fill in and help us out…She came ready and disrobed. I swear, the sweet flowers of spring started to bud! Behold the magic model…captured by our photographer in waiting CJ (kinda like a John but less angry ex-girlfriends)

All things bloom for those who wait. And even though I’m still waiting for my boobs…I’ll settle for touching hers. – Lemons of Amy

*Email me privately and I’ll tell you everything.. all the dirt of springtime.


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