Rylee Marks: Venus DeArizona

This Years Model


Rylee Marks: Venus DeArizona

Meanwhile back on a simple patio in Arizona… Miss Marks waits for her next shoot session and her photos make me contemplate the very universe itself.…..
Do you think that when God created the cosmos she had Rylee in mind? I’m staring at her and I’m starting to believe in the divinity of that body. Did she (God I mean) think: ‘Time to make one of those girls…you know, a teen girl with an outrageous body just so they know my career isn’t over. They will be thinking everything in the world is fucked and I’ll just throw this stunning beauty at them. It will be fun to make gay men want her and make women want to act like men. I’ll send her to John at This Years Model and he can put her in tight shorts and a hat. – St. Amy, your holy vessel.


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