The RETURN of Caitlin McSwain

THE RETURN of Caitlin McSwain

Welcome back Caitlin! This Texan beauty came back to model for us because YOU requested it. And because you ask: you get. The system works…. :/ Well… ok… the system doesn’t work but TYM does! Playboy beat us to the punch by publishing this sweetheart first but who will love her when they are done? Darlin’ we are not letting you out of our site. (Git it? A pun!)

Thinking Playboy has Sucked Since 1985

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Amanj says:

    Halo love

  2. Avatar Tom says:

    You have my complete attention Caitlin! So how does this site work? Is more photo or video? Can we chat like SnapChat or just on the forums?

    • Admin Admin says:

      ThisYearsModel has both photo and video content. Each model decides on how she wants fans to interact with her. Some provide social media links and emails. We also have a members only forum where you ask models questions. The forum also has a built in PM system for chat as well as a group live chat.


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