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🙏 A Models Thanks Giving 🙏

🙏 A Models Thanks Giving 🙏 Hey Turkey Stuffers! It’s me Amy! Letting you know there is more in life to be THANKFUL for than food and money. Life is useless without LOVE! And ugly without BEAUTY! So don’t kill yourself this weekend….Think of everything that WOMEN bring to the world. (And try not to think of all the other the stupid things they do.) So I want to thank all those girls that came to our studio and got naked for us… for all our TEST shoots girls! You stood by the light of our windows and shared with us something...


Furr November’s Burr

Furr November’s Burr.. This Years Model is a site for all seasons. We know that life is not all bare sunshine. Summer is gone but our wintery galleries still feature models in the bloom of their beauty. November is the month furr models as natural as nature! The world may be a cold place but we know the best place to keep warm. Ecologically Furry Since 2016   JOIN This Years Model    © 2017 This Years Model. All rights reserved.  


Make Halloween SEXY Again!

Make Halloween SEXY Again! Happy Halloween TYMers! I’m handing out tricks and treats with our wickedly cute babes! The cat came back with our most requested cosplay kitten Catie Minx. Dawson plays a sexy prepster who always gets a A+ for her D cups. Cookie is all Maid up to tease. Destiny is our Queen Lady Bee. And meet some random girl who just came over to take her clothes off, squad groupie Tara (more of a screamer than a leader I hear). Who runs this motley mob? None other than Gangster Aspen! What? You don’t like Halloween? Well….nevermind …in...


Aspen is Pretty in PINK!

  Aspen is Pretty In Pink! What? Did you think we forgot about Aspen? Aspen is our girl! Everything is PINK at This Years Model for Breast Cancer Awareness month. And Aspen is just so PRETTY in PINK. PINK as her perfect pink breasts. We CARE about Aspen’s breasts. We care about every breast on the planet. Even man boobs…. : /….ok…..I was just trying to be scary for Halloween Next month is all about your prostate JOIN This Years Model    If you really hate my emails and think I should go f*ck myself you can always unsubscribe. Otherwise, if...


Caitlin Goes Pink! 💞

  Caitlin Goes Pink! Our sweet model Caitlin goes PINK to pose for us once again! This time on behalf of breast cancer awareness month. The clothes are courtesy of our friends @ American Apparel (I just luv that pink candy floss top!). I’m not sure what we can do in the fight against cancer but Caitlin can surely show us what we are fighting for. So for all of October, whether you are here for the boo’s or the boobs, the tits or the treats….TYM is handing out the candy 🙂 Handing out Pink since 2016   JOIN This...


Hello from Adrianna

East Coast Babe: Adrianna The much teased and anticipated ADRIANNA has arrived at This Years Model. You pleaded, begged and took a knee to see her! Adrianna : all the way from the concrete corners of Cute & Sass (aka Brooklyn), the reason God made jean shorts! See this and more photos of Adrianna only on (the reason God made) TYM. Spanking asses and being blasphemous since 2016 JOIN This Years Model Thank-you for your Support!    © 2017 This Years Model. All rights reserved.