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The RETURN of Caitlin McSwain

THE RETURN of Caitlin McSwain Welcome back Caitlin! This Texan beauty came back to model for us because YOU requested it. And because you ask: you get. The system works…. :/ Well… ok… the system doesn’t work but TYM does! Playboy beat us to the punch by publishing this sweetheart first but who will love her when they are done? Darlin’ we are not letting you out of our site. (Git it? A pun!) Thinking Playboy has Sucked Since 1985


The Awesome Dawson Release Party

  The Awesome Dawson Release Party Re- Introduce yourself to the perfect teen model! A sugars daddy’s wet dream! Dawson Miller! We are unfolding her story, her photo galleries and videos, unreleased and raw…EVERYTHING @ She got into modelling, she got out, and why she now considerers herself ‘outside but inside’. Yeah whatever! Fools for Dawson since 2007


THE RETURN of Aspen Martin

THE RETURN of Aspen Martin Its the first days of SPRING 2017 ! I need the Winter to END!! I need my eyes excited!! Dont Despair!! Things may seem bad…the world may seem mad…. but the Winter is not forever!  SPRING will always return……just like ASPEN! Only Beauty is forever. Healing The World With Beauty Since 2017


Nikki Leigh: Irish Crush

Nikki Leigh: Irish Crush Something dirty and Irish for St.Patrick’s day weekend. For all those who requested her, who just had to see more: this time our model NIKKI gets explicit. So casual. So pink. You ask. You get.- Amy ‘Fuck I love red heads!’- St. Patrick


Chillin’ w/ The Bunny

Chill w/ The Bunny Spend your weekend chillin’ with The Bunny – Sabrina Nichole. Sabrina returns to the pages of This Years Model just the way we like it: All natural. Real clothes, Real Girl, Real Sexy. Pure Bunny. Skinning Rabbits Since Since 2015



Sweet DREAMS of MICHELLE JEAN! SMITTEN with our resident model MICHELLE we just released a 3 DAY mini Michelle-fest! And we got our girl herself to be LIVE and in PERSON answering questions on our FORUM. Ask her anything? Like who the hell wakes up smiling?? Just another reason why this girl is a KEEPER. Beauty knows no frowns. Waking Up Since 2015