Happy Holidays from This Years Model

This Years Model Best Wishes from This Years Model

On behalf of every part of my body I want to wish everyone the very best (insert your wishes here) for the Holiday Season and 2017!

2016 was an exciting year for me. This Years Model opened in February 2016 and in every way I feel special to be its web mistress. I made some new friends from the many fans that joined the site + I got to do some kinky things with a few of the models! (……what? oh like you wouldn’t?)

We have lots of exciting things planned for 2017. We are GOOD. Things are GOOD. We are GROWING. It is so exciting to know that TYM is beginning to be recognized as a NAME. To me, this means, more friends, more models and more cool features to make TYM even BETTER. My wishes have already come true.



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