The Fun Faces of February

This Years Model

The Fun Faces of February

‘If it’s not FUN it’s not TYM’ is our motto…but what does that even mean?? Well come see! Cus it’s February…time for me to put my mouth where my pussy is! (I wish) …It’s time we have a FUNTASTIC time with models having fun being models!

February is the time we go from ‘under wear’ to ‘I dont care’, from ‘she’s aloof’ to ‘she’s a goof’…(you should know by now where I fit in) Start Funbruary with a teen classic …the very funtastic DAWSON preforming her very special magic pizza trick… clothes & pizza disappear!  MICHELLE has a bubbly sudsy of a time in the kitchen sink! COOKIE is all sweet and baked. DESTINY paints the walls in her own (s)assy style. ASPEN as her cheeky self in a driveway peep show. DOLLY …well I don’t know what she is doing but she sure makes a mess…. And a special guest model ANDI shows off her Canadian tan!

So basically February sucks. But not at TYM.   

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