Special Order A Michelle 🎀 💄

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Special Order A Michelle

Its Christmas time and everyone loves a special gift. But did you know that This Years Model does special orders? Thats right… if you ask nicely, we can shoot a special custom galleries just for YOU at a price that goes directly to the special lady model of your choice. Check out the latest of Michelle. This was a custom set sponsored by @NubNub. And now with kind permission and in the spirit of sharing @NubNub has agreed to make it a part of TYM. Isn’t that so Christian? (Would a Muslim do that?) It is the biglyest set (500+ pics) TYM has ever put out and it is guaranteed to ensure big things…er.. big warm feelings! Get and give something big and special for Christmas: if you ask for something nicely you might receive something naughty.


We’re bigly about Michelle.

Email @ [email protected] for details about special ordering a Michelle.*

* Not valid for non Christians


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