Southern Girls Have More Fun!


Southern Girls Have More Fun!

MEET an adorable little pixie named BELLA. On a beautiful day last July this 90lb baby blonde southern girl showed up for her very first photo session with the photo team at This Years Model. We bent her in every way possible…in ways that are not in the bible! Were we trying to wring out her innocence? Well, whatever…I think she liked it… she became an LA porn girl and brought a friend the next time we saw her! (Maybe we squeezed too hard!)

About 14 of these images (plus a cover image) appeared in Barely Legal Magazine in Oct 2017. The many many more photos (400+) are now a part of our archive HERE for our eyes ONLY in the friends with benefits section of This Years Model. You see, this is how we ROLL. This is the business we’ve chosen (That’s a movie quote: email me if you know it ; )

Come see BELLA and ALL my itty bitty MODELS OF JULY.
– Mistress Amy

Art for the sake of getting girls naked since 2015

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