Heather: The Girl Next Door

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Heather: The Girl Next Door

Meet HEATHER. I just did…searching through the multi-layered folders of TYM I came across this sweet blondie. I saw those breasts and her infectious pout and wondered who this was? I texted our photographer John. I searched on through the photo archive. Is John shooting girls and not telling me? There is no ‘test’ shoot with Heather…just plum photosets of this busty fun darling. The notes say ‘Girl Next Door’ and ‘Heather Danielle Ryan’ and a smiley face. @John will have the answers we seek…John, did Heather live Next Door?….we all await his reply… is a smiley face code for a model crush?… cuz… 🙂

Whoever she was…SHE is OURS now. I messaged her too. I want HER…. in my corral of MODELS. Heather is coming to the TYM Forum to explain herself and say hi to everyone who is now gazing at her breasts. – Feminist AMY


TYM: Beauty is Everywhere

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