Monthly Archive: December 2018


Happy Holidays From Amy

Best Wishes from This Years Model On behalf of every model’s body at This Years Model I want to wish everyone the very best love boners for the Holiday Season! 2019 will be the 3rd year of This Years Model with ME as its webmistress. I mean how cool is my job….I get to hang out with friends, seek out and chat with hot chicks, find out kinky things about them and arrange to get them naked for my private pleasure ..I mean… our private pleasure.  People say words like ‘exploitation’ like its a bad thing! We have lots of plans for...


Stuff A Sock

Stuff A Sock With Someone Warm Why get socks for Xmas when you can JOIN This Years Model and get socks stuffed with girls! All month in DECEMBER we are featuring our sweet models with warm feet. That’s probably not a fetish but the models sure look happy! And that is what’s important to me! Are you feeling cold and lonely around this time of year? Don’t use your socks for puppets and pretend you have friends! JOIN This Years Model and come and meet some real friends @ our infamous FORUM. Its all a-glow with good cheer and fun-ships....


Introducing DARE TAYLOR

Introducing DARE TAYLOR MEET our new fashion model DARE Taylor. We had the pleasure of casting light on Dare in a fashion sense through the gorgeous styles of our photographer JoeL. Her body would be a crime against beauty to leave clothed …so we asked her to be a model in a TYM sense. This is a taste of her first nude shoot with us & I will be posting more in the weeks to follow. After that.. it will be up to me & you if we see her perfect body again. – Mistress Amy JOIN This Years...