Monthly Archive: May 2018


Oh May Oh My!

  Oh MAY Oh My! Time to bang this site and my girls into shooting SHAPE! If you tend a garden of girls you need to keep them looking BARLEY LEGAL! We at THIS YEARS MODEL have to stay active. ASPEN knows how to keep in shape. CAITLIN has a perfect bod from god. And ALISON posed for us when back when she was Barely Legal… and then got less fat! (I don’t think that was a coincidence) And speaking of gardens…April showers brought MAY FLOWERS…..we need pretty things in our lives….like flowers and labia and ….AUBREY and DESTINY and...


Model for Us: In Full Bloom 🌸

  Model for Us: In Full Bloom Its now spring officially and this announcement is just so perfect for my springtime theme! A few months ago one of the models we booked for a TYM shoot FLAKED. I won’t name names… ok it was…* EMILY BLOOM, friend of the site, and running cam model of the YEAR, was quick to fill in and help us out…She came ready and disrobed. I swear, the sweet flowers of spring started to bud! Behold the magic model…captured by our photographer in waiting CJ (kinda like a John but less angry ex-girlfriends) All things...