Monthly Archive: March 2018


Aspen says: Kiss Me, I’m Stylish 🍀

  Aspen says: Kiss Me, I’m Stylish What’s that you say?? You want more ASPEN? Who doesn’t! (besides her jealous controlling boyfriend) Fan favourite Aspen Martin is BACK @ TYM with a fury of fashion and video sequences! Aspen is an intermittent model on TYM. Just like her relationship status… it’s complicated. But her photos and videos are as bottomless as her dresses. You might think she is ALL fun, nerdy and goofy, but she can be fancy and classy too. (This month we are free to release Aspens’ ill-fated layout for PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE. Everything was fine until they went bankrupt.)...


Are You Trying to be Funny?

Are You Trying to be Funny? March is unofficially ‘Get Serious’ month @ This Years Model…as we move into TYM Phase 2! Its my favorite FASHION to show models in real clothes/real life! I guess I’m a PERV… but I like GIRLS being GIRLS! (it rhymes) That means CASUAL clothes and …for the first time on TYM… DATE CLOTHES! Naked MODELS all dressed up as GIRLS! >>> Also FEATURING this month….MY empty promises… like the dates I left waiting at restaurants…I promise I will SHOW! (is this maybe why Im single?)- Out of the Closet Amy (Below is a...



Meet IVY BLUE You might remember when this little BLUEBERRY submitted her photos to us at TYM. I posted her photos on the forum. I wanted her. I got her. From a dream to a scheme…and it all happened while I distracted you with my sensational funnies. Come now and pinch the fruits of my labor… Meet IVY. NEW and EXCLUSIVE to This Years Model! Aspen’s little smurfette sister! Only 18. Heart shaped lips. Puffy nipples and a butt that leaves a room 2 seconds after she does. She is a pale punky demure Disney princess with blue hair. Mama said...