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🙏 A Models Thanks Giving 🙏

🙏 A Models Thanks Giving 🙏 Hey Turkey Stuffers! It’s me Amy! Letting you know there is more in life to be THANKFUL for than food and money. Life is useless without LOVE! And ugly without BEAUTY! So don’t kill yourself this weekend….Think of everything that WOMEN bring to the world. (And try not to think of all the other the stupid things they do.) So I want to thank all those girls that came to our studio and got naked for us… for all our TEST shoots girls! You stood by the light of our windows and shared with us something...


Furr November’s Burr

Furr November’s Burr.. This Years Model is a site for all seasons. We know that life is not all bare sunshine. Summer is gone but our wintery galleries still feature models in the bloom of their beauty. November is the month furr models as natural as nature! The world may be a cold place but we know the best place to keep warm. Ecologically Furry Since 2016   JOIN This Years Model    © 2017 This Years Model. All rights reserved.