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Call My Name say Caitlin, Dated Trump! 🙊

This Years Model is happy to welcome back Caitlin McSwain to our fold. We have a new Caitlin phonographic video we just released in our updates and some Caitlin news! Turns out Caitlin dated Donald Trump!!! Wow! I know right!! ..Ok ….that may be a lie… Or is it??…Well, you can ask her yourself…..because Caitlin will on the MEMBERS FORUM this weekend to say hello and answer our steamy Republican fan letters. – House Speaker Amy Elegance Beauty and fake news ALWAYS trending @ This Years Model Chat with Caitlin @     © 2018 This Years Model. All...


💙 Catie Mania 💙

Catie Mania May cause heart explosions or spontaneous discharge in groin area. Just like you, I held this in-between my legs as long as I could. This is UNRELEASED Catie Minx material – never before seen on her website. This is @ TYM ONLY ! You never know what else I got 😉 And if I wasn’t Mistress here at TYM I would be asking to see what’s inside those open button panties too. – #metoo Amy Keeper of All things Catie Minx JOIN This Years Model © 2018 This Years Model. All rights reserved.  


Baby, It’s Cold Outside ❄️

  Baby, It’s Cold Outside It’s freakin January… cold weather, big winter jackets, fattening asses! And I’m in Canada. Its real winter here. Well F that ! (Fahrenheit?) The world is what you make it! And in my make believe world of This Years Model its LINGERIE model month! In my world, a bevy of barely clad babes are undressing for me like warm sunshine! My nipples are hard just thinking about them …oh wait.. I left the window open. Winter Blows : Swapping HandJobs for MittenJobs    JOIN This Years Model  © 2017 This Years Model. All rights reserved.  ...


Meet Aubrey Gold 🤩

  Meet Aubrey Gold I’m pleased to welcome Aubrey Gold to the pages of This Years Model. 18, icy blue eyes, white blonde hair, fun as an adjective, what’s not to want?…and she brings her own toys! Aubrey was one of the model hopefuls that ended up in my pile of emails applying to be a part of This Years Model. Normally we don’t take LA porn girls for TYM (even though she was so sweet and polite…it killed me to say ‘no’)….But then Aubrey told me how she was scammed by some guy who meet her, shot pics of...


Its 2018! We are Legal 🍾

  Its 2018! We are Legal It’s 2018 and This Years Model is coming of age. In 2017, everything felt right …we did 127 updates of the best funnest nudest model material in the universe. We added the very real @Michelle to our admin team (not just a pretty face). We discovered new future models like Genna J, meet new prodigy photographers like CJ, and made a lot of new fan friends. I got to pansexually flirt with just about every continent on the globe… I saw a lot of cock pics…I squeezed some boobs; pinched some butts…and not just...


Tease the Season 💄

  Tease The Season It’s that time of year again where that famous man can be seen kissing girls under the mistletoe or inviting them to sit on his lap … Harvey Weinstein…oh no, I mean Santa Claus!!! Do you like to unwrap things? This Years Model does! And all December long …we have been unwrapping our MODELS!!! Ho Ho Ho! Its STOCKING, SOCKS and TIGHTS month! GIRLS gifted in nylons! MODELS with hot feet tucked in slinky socks! TARTS stuffed tightly in tights! Come and get into the panties of the season! Erect your pink veiny tree! Oh Santa...