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Know Me A School Girl: Ellie Jane 📚

Know Me A School Girl: Ellie Jane It’s SCHOOL GIRL month at THIS YEARS MODEL so its time to learn us some babes! Our first class is with Ellie Jane! A REAL life college model. School got real for ELLIE just last week… she had to take off her invisible bikini and put on regular school clothes! (I like short shorts) But it wont be all studying for ELLIE. She will be joining our FORUM and answering questions on our ‘Ask Me Whatever the F You like’ thread. Come and say ‘Hi Ellie!’ to ELLIE herself…This is a MUST DO...


GoodBye to Summer…Hello to Emily!

  Goodbye to Summer…Hello to Emily! Meet the NEW girl @ This Years Model: Emily French! Emily is a 18 year old Canadian babe who answered an ad to model for us. In modern fashion, she sent us selfies of her perfect boobs! And oh it worked. We replied. Then we just had to meet her and see for sure if those boobs were real. After a few squeezy handfuls (hey! respect the process!) we had to have that soft curvy body as all our own! We set her up for her first nude shoot on a dreamy Canadian beach. With a pierced clit...



  MODELS for MEANING   Our hearts and hopes go out to all those around the world in any kind of distress. We may talk a big game at THIS YEARS MODEL but more than anything we want to be a beacon of hope and happiness. To all those of you who are stressed, depressed or just lost… remember: Life is Still Beautiful. If you need to be reminded, just come and see us. We’re taking good care of your dreams.- Amy Whether those clouds be in the sky or in your head… BEAR THE STORM Ponyboy  JOIN This...


FreeOnes Talk: Ask Michelle Jean Anything

Michelle Jean: Ask Me Anything Our resident model Michelle Jean will doing a “Ask Me Anything” with our friends at starting TODAY! (Sunday August 20th) This is a FREE public forum and is a great way to ask Michelle questions about herself, This Years Model or how to make cheese whiz?? ….Idk.. says ‘anything’?… I’m hungry – Amy Click HERE to Ask Michelle Anything!


SPECIAL OFFER: FREE Model w/ Every Bikini 👙

  SPECIAL OFFER: Bikinis FOR Sale! THIS YEARS MODEL presents….all of AUGUST…. Beach Sand & Bikini Cracks! It’s our SUMMER Sale! Now @ THIS YEARS MODEL …. JOIN to see our tiny bikinis…AND get a fresh young teen model stuffed inside! Every bikini comes with a FREE girl as a special gift! No restrictions apply! We got all the colors of the rainbow and all sizes of boobs to show off these gorgeous bikinis! ACT now and SEE our trademarked INVISIBLE BIKINIS. Just feel the soft high quality fabric!! Invisible Bikinis Now Trending @ This Years Model JOIN This Years...


Jewel: Rare And Unreleased

For all those Jewel fans out there…this is a NEW and UNRELEASED Video. I know because I found it misfiled in the wrong folder! This was not on her website and has never been seen. Your Jewel collection is incomplete without it! Nothing beats seeing those pink parts of Jewel again! – Librarian Amy