This Years Model with Michelle Jean

This Years Model
This Years Model with MICHELLE JEAN
About Michelle:

Hi Everyone! Its Amy, your girl scout. I want to share with you our

BABE in RESIDENCE : Michelle Jean!

Yes, it is true! Michelle is not just a pretty face. She also works at This Years Model. Sexy brains, cheeky legs and beautiful ambition! And a freakin’ sweetheart paying her sweet way through University<3

So If you like smart beautiful girls TYM is for you! No trash. No airheads. This is not an LA porn site. If you are looking for that …move along. Id suggest porn hub. But if you ARE a CONNOISSEUR of photography and FINE real models like Michelle then JOIN US!

If you dont like these girls- you can always cancel (plus you might be gay.) Join and find out! (Good luck finding another Michelle! lol) Yes, we are snobs and we love her.


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