SITE NEWS: All about The MEs or ..THEMES

So I put together the next 3 months of THEMES for TYM UPDATES.

OCTOBER will be COSPLAY month and all things PINK. (For girl cancer awareness)

f4b0c1545606d130cda175e63e03f2bdfb9a61d8 And for boy cancer and the US election, NOVEMBER will be BUSH month. (Hillary has a bush for sure, Trump is a pubic hair :))


DECEMBER …..Cus I’m so pious and religious I like to wear lingerie to Church (cus I love Jesus) December will be the month of models in STOCKING!5289e53cd363bea3661291a06566a4d9a63c154f

Plus I will still post a NEW This Years MODEL every month. (If things continue to go well Ill see if I can post more updates. The pile of girls I keep in the corner is getting messy. And the new girls are bugging me like they have to pee.) Cant wait to show everyone and PLAY Keep or Sweep :slight_smile:

These themes are going to make our calendar make much more sense.



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