Meet Aubrey Gold 🤩

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Meet Aubrey Gold

I’m pleased to welcome Aubrey Gold to the pages of This Years Model. 18, icy blue eyes, white blonde hair, fun as an adjective, what’s not to want?…and she brings her own toys!

Aubrey was one of the model hopefuls that ended up in my pile of emails applying to be a part of This Years Model. Normally we don’t take LA porn girls for TYM (even though she was so sweet and polite…it killed me to say ‘no’)….But then Aubrey told me how she was scammed by some guy who meet her, shot pics of her and LIED saying he was a photographer for Barely Legal! What? F that! Thats MY LINE! I quickly put on my Wonder Woman costume…made some quick phone calls and connected Aubrey with the real magazine. Soon she was a-posin’ in front of one of our handy (not handsy) and talented photographers. The rest in history: Aubrey became a cover babe of Barely Legal Magazine Jan 2017 ….She is now a new model on TYM. Mission accomplished. Justice and beauty for ALL.

Actually Shooting for Barely Legal Magazine Since 2005

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