Amy here!

What’s with you guys that join and then cancel a second later?? Its weird and its hurts. Are you the same guys who always leave their jackets on when they are out at someones place? You have all month to stay and check it out. Let me at least TRY to win you over. Relax! So anyway, this weekend Im doing some site maintenance and putting together bts (behind the sceen) galleries for the Aspen, Michelle and some (hilarious) never before seen Catie bts stuff. Has anyone noticed the site cums a bit faster? 🙂 Next week will be a busy bunch of updates: Ashley MiniFlood…. into June which will be Boob month! Kicked off with the new girl Sabrina. Ashley FLOOD starts now …till weds. (Glad to see everyone is using the COMMENTS. I know the girls read these- even the shy ones. I heard there was some problem posting – let me know if you have an issue.) Ashley Mini FLOOD …till weds.

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