Stuff A Sock

This Years Model

Stuff A Sock With Someone Warm

Why get socks for Xmas when you can JOIN This Years Model and get socks stuffed with girls! All month in DECEMBER we are featuring our sweet models with warm feet. That’s probably not a fetish but the models sure look happy! And that is what’s important to me!

Are you feeling cold and lonely around this time of year? Don’t use your socks for puppets and pretend you have friends! JOIN This Years Model and come and meet some real friends @ our infamous FORUM. Its all a-glow with good cheer and fun-ships.

Subscribe now (or again)! Your subscription is a donation to our cause! …To BUY socks for models! (That is not a joke.)

Get more out of the websites you JOIN. Get the gift of socks! Doesn’t that kinda make me Santa?- Amy Clause

JOIN This Years Model

 Friend of TYM Offer! $79 for 6 Months

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