Monthly Archive: February 2018


The Fun Faces of February

The Fun Faces of February ‘If it’s not FUN it’s not TYM’ is our motto…but what does that even mean?? Well come see! Cus it’s February…time for me to put my mouth where my pussy is! (I wish) …It’s time we have a FUNTASTIC time with models having fun being models! February is the time we go from ‘under wear’ to ‘I dont care’, from ‘she’s aloof’ to ‘she’s a goof’…(you should know by now where I fit in) Start Funbruary with a teen classic …the very funtastic DAWSON preforming her very special magic pizza trick… clothes & pizza disappear!...


Call My Name say Caitlin, Dated Trump! 🙊

This Years Model is happy to welcome back Caitlin McSwain to our fold. We have a new Caitlin phonographic video we just released in our updates and some Caitlin news! Turns out Caitlin dated Donald Trump!!! Wow! I know right!! ..Ok ….that may be a lie… Or is it??…Well, you can ask her yourself…..because Caitlin will on the MEMBERS FORUM this weekend to say hello and answer our steamy Republican fan letters. – House Speaker Amy Elegance Beauty and fake news ALWAYS trending @ This Years Model Chat with Caitlin @     © 2018 This Years Model. All...