Monthly Archive: December 2017


A New Season for Emily

  A New Season For Emily Please welcome back our Canadian babe EMILY FRENCH! Just another young, fresh, pretty, 18 year old girl that we have taken out to the woods to get happy with herself against the freezing Canadian landscape. I love that we can do seasonal galleries. Everything in life is not sunshine. But there is always something beautiful to see. I always say …I like to do things different(ly) and TYM reflects my many moods. I’m Canadian and I like colours. (Its spelt colours btw for my American friends) And O Canada I love this one…Our Emily looking...


Sassy Glasses For Sassy Asses

Sassy Glasses For Sassy Asses Our model search continues with Terry Haynes….the sometimes model who knows you don’t have to wear pants to model eye wear. Terry came to us to model some sexy secretary glasses and ended up all naked! Terry got right down and owned it! (Now how did that happen?) Terry joins the models at This Years Model because (call us communists) we think bodies like Terry’s should be shared! Glasses are the only thing this girl should be wearing. Let me put on some lipstick so I can find a place for her to sit down. 💄...