Monthly Archive: May 2017


The NEW Girls of Summer ☀️

See The Summers Models What do you think we do all day? I don’t know about you but I try to find new girls to model for us:) I do it so YOU don’t have to! So let me include you in our Summer plans. Check out the new line up! Beauties kissed by the mouth of the Summer sun and licked by the lusty wind. Say HELLO our midwest muffin Jana Dean. A tiny sex gymnast Bella Rose. Beach busty Cheyenne. Hemp Hippie Hadley. And poka a hot babe Dannie Jess. Yup! And guess where we met them all? …well, at...


Taste of Aspen 🌈

Taste Of Aspen The sun is out @ TYM with more requests for our sexy taste of sunshine ASPEN Martin! Check and double check It’s a special part of my job as your web-mistress to bring Aspen into The LIGHT! The Aspen Request Line is Open!              


Requests for the Obsessed 💌

Requests for the Obsessed Its ‘ASK and you MAY receive’ month! Yes, it is time I play my special model playlist and post a few of the galleries that fell through my fingers like silky panties in my underwear drawer. Well, these are like the panties that I left hanging on the sides! Yes, I know I have postponed some requests too long…but a promise forgotten is a still a promise… a promise for more MELODY, more DARIEN, TRINITY, BONNIE and (of course) more ASPEN! And what’s that you say?… what else ya got? I have new model to show...